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Service Guarantee:
Webhosting payments made to "Aynetsoft LLC" are refunded. This period applies to 7 days after order. Our customers who benefit from our virtual server, dedicated, domain name, monthly hosting resellers and other services are not covered by the refund. 7 Day Refunds within the framework of the Guarantee of Return of Money are made within 21 working days. Dealers have the right to de-membership of their members. Requests for arbitrary reimbursement are not considered. Aynetsoft LLC is responsible for keeping up the service received from the date of order of the hosted server and other services until the end of the order period. If the following rules are violated, this responsibility will be eliminated and the service in question will be closed.
Service fees must be paid in advance in order to activate all services provided by "Aynetsoft LLC". In addition, service payments must be paid on business days before the weekend or holidays if the payment dates of our existing customers correspond to weekends or holidays. Aynetsoft LLC' customer tracking system is fully automated, automatically stopping services that take 1 hour through the payment date and still still have no paid. In the event that the service is not paid within 4 hours of stopping, all user information is deleted from The Aynetsoft LLC servers. Aynetsoft LLC cannot be held responsible for any data losses in such cases. In the event of a payment delay for any service, Aynetsoft LLC reserves the right to stop other user-owned services and not restart the services until the necessary payment is made. This includes the right to stop the use of the domain name and confiscate the domain name if no payment is made. The total amount of the fee for service payments made with PayPal is calculated as USD.
System usage:
Customers who receive web hosting and reseller hosting services from "Aynetsoft LLC" servers agree to share the same server with other customers. If any customer's website uses server resources to affect the working speed of other customers' sites, Aynetsoft LLC reserves the right to temporarily or permanently stop the publication of this website. In such a case, "Aynetsoft LLC" may ask the customer to move the website to another server. In such cases, Aynetsoft LLC has the right to make a refund/decide whether to make a refund. The client is deemed to have accepted any decisions in advance.
Aynetsoft LLC backs up the accounts of all web hosting and reseller hosting customers in two periods, weekly and monthly. However, Aynetsoft LLC are never obligated to receive backups. The customer is obliged to receive his own backup. Aynetsoft LLC cannot be held responsible for data losses due to non-backup.
Illegal use:
Services belonging to Aynetsoft LLC cannot be used for any illegal purpose, or cannot support such activities. Aynetsoft LLC has the authorityto investigate criminal illegal situations or misuse of suspected misconduct, as a result of finding
The customer is responsible for any damaging object published using Aynetsoft LLC services (mail, upload, etc.). Aynetsoft LLC is authorized to intervene in these situations and close that account.
Any transactions aimed at adding/deleting and correcting any objects that are misleading, deceptive to people are considered dishonest and prohibited.
Products, parts or services purchased and sold by cheat using Aynetsoft LLC services, financial initiatives are called "fraud" and the necessary "legal proceedings" apply.
E-mail / News Spam:Spam will cause your
account to be closed for malicious use and will prevent others from using their e-mail address. Using Spam; Aynetsoft LLC will not be able to provide any hosting services and servers to any hosting service and server, especially regarding spam posted by hosting on e-mail, news, web host. Hosting such services is strictly forbidden!
Access:Aynetsoft LLC services using the name of other users to try to obtain authorization, request authorization or enter with authority, in this way to
cause the loss of other people's information is strictly prohibited by Aynetsoft LLC. Violation of the security policy will cause your account to be closed.
Violation of trademark privacy policies:Inviolation of the privacy policies of
any company/person through mail and v.b. means by using The Aynetsoft LLC services, it is strictly forbidden to use the patent, use someone's property, use images and music without permission, and publish them.
Compilation of personal data:
Personal information collected without the person's knowledge using Aynetsoft LLC services is outside the principle of use.
Unsafe Behavior:
Use of software (DDOS, trojan, virus, etc.) that will affect the business and network information/operations of other persons using Aynetsoft LLC services is prohibited. Legal action will be taken against the identified user.
Virus Distribution:The distribution of software containing viruses and viruses that may adversely affect and negatively affect the information contained by
deliberately hosted viruses and individuals/companies is strictly prohibited! If you are notified, please consider any findings.
Proprietary software:
Unauthorized or illegal use of proprietary, usage policies is the reason your account is stopped.
Site contents:
All sites that are housed on Aynetsoft LLC servers must comply with the laws of the United States. It is strictly forbidden to have content that violates the laws of the Republic of Turkey on Aynetsoft LLC servers. Sites with hacking and warez content on Lunar Hosting Internet Services servers are strictly unhosted. If such sites are detected, Aynetsoft LLC reserves the right to stop the service indefinitely.
Server usage:The customer is fully responsible for the
content of all servers provided by Aynetsoft LLC. It is strictly forbidden to have IRCD servers and warez files on servers provided by Aynetsoft LLC. In the event of detection of such systems or files, Aynetsoft LLC reserves the right to close the server without warning. Spamising on our servers is strictly prohibited. We reserve the right to close the servers of our customers who engage in inappropriate, immoral, disrespectful and abnormal behavior against Aynetsoft LLC authorities.
Server management:Aynetsoft LLC is responsible for hardware and network support on all servers it provides and assigns the
management of the server and the webhosting type software built on the server to the customer. All  Aynetsoft LLC customers are deemed to have accepted this use agreement. In the event of violation of the rules, Aynetsoft LLC reserves the right to close accounts and servers.
Refund:Refund of
the products whose refund satisfed will be refunded to the bank account number you will specify by ticket within 15 working days.